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sheli sulistia
Siti Romadoni
Septi Ardianty


Background: Corona virus disease-19 (COVID-19) is a global epidemic that affects a psychological aspect on the community and also to the health workers while providing care of patients with COVID-19. The ICU nurses as part of the health workers are the forefront of providing care patients. Objective: To explore the psychological impact of ICU nurses during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Research Methods: This study used a literature review approach with three electronic databases, namely Pub Med, Science Direct dan Sage Pub, between 2019-2021. The keywords used were psychological Impact, psychological Effect, ICU nurses, COVID-19, of the 308 articles identified, six met inclusion. The articles reviewed were obtained from the results of discussions and validations between researchers and supervisors using the Prisma Guideline.  Results: Besed on the results of six articles, it shown the several the psychological impact of ICU nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic is anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and sleep disorders (insomnia).  Conclusion: There were four psychological impact of ICU nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by feelings of unsupported, about human health, fear of carrying and transmitting it to family members or others, isolation, feelings of uncertainty, social stigmatization, excessive workload, and feeling insecure when providing care and health services to COVID-19 patients.

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sulistia sheli, Romadoni S, Ardianty S. PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT OF ICU NURSES DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC. maskermedika [Internet]. 17Oct.2021 [cited 30Nov.2021];9(1):393-05. Available from:


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